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In the last 26 months I have earned over $650,000 investing in, and mining Bitcoin & Litecoin... In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about CPU / GPU Bitcoin Mining. This extensive & easy to follow e-book will give you all the details based on experience that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

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Indian Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin Raises a Record $1.5 Million in Funding September 29, 2016

Indian bitcoin exchange Unocoin has raised $1.5 million in a Pre Series-A funding round, the highest amount raised for any digital currency venture in

Decentralized Sports Platform FirstBlood Raises 465,312.00 ETH, Set To Improve eSports

FirstBlood, an Ethereum-based, decentralized sports platform based on smart contracts, has raised 465,312.999 ETH in a crowdsale. The FirstBlood app a

Mexican Exchange Bitso Raises $2.5M for Expansion

Mexico’s first Bitcoin exchange, Bitso, announced that it has raised $2.5 million in venture capital. The company, founded in 2014, has now ra

UBS Reveals Blockchain Prototype for Streamlining Global Trade

UBS has revealed work on a blockchain prototype being developed with IBM on Hyperledger’s Fabric. Source

Europol Cites Bitcoin, Darknet as Enhancing Cybercrime

Cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, remain the currency of choice for much of cybercrime, Europol’s Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (

Indian Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin Raises $1.5 Million

Indian bitcoin exchange startup Uncoin has raised $1.5m in a new funding round. Source

Russia’s Biggest Bank Joins the Hyperledger Blockchain Project

The Linux Foundation-run Hyperledger Project will see a new member join the ranks, in Russia’s largest bank (by assets) Sberbank. The  Hyperledger

BitFiniti: Industry Meets Blockchain in Miami

This October, a new kind of blockchain conference will debut in Florida. BitFiniti aims to take blockchain from “behind the veil” and showcase

Why Rabobank’s Blockchain Cross-Border Tool Isn’t Just a Database

Dutch multinational bank Rabobank today announced a cross-border payments tool its creators argue is more powerful than a database. Source

Spain Wants to Tax Bitcoin Miners 47%

The Spanish government plans to tax Bitcoin mining profits up to 47 percent, following official hints that mining will become a taxable activity. Al

Bitcoin Price Slowdown

Bitcoin price continues trading above support as 4,000 CNY and $600 holds. Slowing price action implies an imminent ramp-up in volatility, yet technic

Wealth and Asset Management Report Predicts Blockchain Use by 2021

A new report from Roubini ThoughtLab has found that over the next five years blockchain use is set to grow by 43 percent. Teaming up with a coalition

eQuid Builds on Bitcoin Technology for Greater Social and Economic Impact

  Bitcoin Press Release: San Francisco, Calif. — The mission of eQuid is to provide a platform for new currencies with specific goals to seamle

eQuid Builds on Bitcoin Technology for Greater Social and Economic Impact

  Bitcoin Press Release: San Francisco, Calif. — The mission of eQuid is to provide a platform for new currencies with specific goals to seamle

Regulators Block Sale of Bitcoin Miner Avalon

A planned acquisition deal between Chinese manufacturer Shandong Luyitong and bitcoin mining hardware company Canaan is no more. Source

Ethereum-Based Investment Fund ICONOMI Raises Over $8.9 Million In ICO

Called a fund management platform for the decentralized economy, ICONOMI, an Ethereum-based investment fund for cryptocurrencies and blockchains, has

NEM Blockchain Platform Doubles the Rewards for its Supernode Program

Bitcoin Press Release: The peer-to-peer blockchain solutions platform, NEM has announced a 100 percent increase in the XEM rewards for high-performanc

Coinsecure Partners with OKLink to Bring Blockchain Technology Based Remittances to India

Bitcoin Press Release: Coinsecure and OKLink have partnered together to offer blockchain technology based remittance services in India. September 21,

100 Bitcoins in One Day at mBit Casino

Bitcoin Press Release: A lucky player on mBit Bitcoin Casino wins over 100 bitcoins while playing Geisha and 4 of a Kings. The highest payout so far o

Minex Systems Offers a Solution to Eliminate Cryptocurrency High Volatility

Bitcoin Press Release: Minex Ecosystem – is a self-regulating financial system created for decreasing volatility and making MineCoin a new payment u Explains How Using P2P Exchange Providers Increases ROI for Cryptocurrency Traders

Bitcoin Press Release: It is hard to image living in a world without internet, especially at the time when all businesses including the financial mark

Spells of Genesis, a Cryptocurrency Powered Mobile Game Launches Today

Bitcoin Press Release: EverdreamSoft is launching the web version of its Bitcoin blockchain based Spells of Genesis mobile game. The game will be rele

DECENT Blockchain Platform ICO Raises Over 4138 BTC in Two Days

Bitcoin Press Release: The DECENT blockchain based decentralized content distribution platform’s ICO with CCEDK kicks off on a high note raising mor

Ethereum To Surpass Bitcoin? Gavin Andresen Tweet Foretells Growing Sentiment

Gavin Andresen raised eyebrows recently when he tweeted that Ethereum has more nodes now than bitcoin and that it will grow its lead as its block size

Inside Bank of America’s New Microsoft-Powered Blockchain Project

The inside story of how Microsoft and Bank of America worked together to build a blockchain prototype for trade finance. Source

Standard Chartered Completes Cross-Border Blockchain Payment in 10 Seconds

Tapping blockchain technology, London-based multinational banking and financial institution Standard Chartered has announced the completion of its fir

UK Dependency Adjusts Laws for Digital Currency

The UK crown dependency of Jersey is pushing ahead with its digital currency legislative plans. Source Launches New Telegram Channel is growing, and aims to be the number one hotspot for all things Bitcoin. Now, the news team has created a new Telegram channel that broa

UK Financial Authorities Issue OneCoin Warning, Citing ‘Potential Risks’

London law enforcement has issued a warning through the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) concerning OneCoin. The organization says there are

OneCoin Claims It’s Unaware London Police Investigation

Following the recent statement issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority that warned users against trading or engaging in the alleged cryptocurrenc

What you will learn

What is Bitcoin & Litecoin mining?

Learn and understand the details of the mining process, how it works, and why people do it.

Investment & Profit Making

For the financial geeks out there, we delve into how much you need or want to invest, the value of Bitcoin, Return on Investment and much more.

Hardware & Infrastucture

Even if you are a tech guy, and know how to build your own PC, we provide crucial information that you MUST know in order to create a profitable Bitcoin / Litecoin miner.

CPU / GPU / ASIC Mining

There are various different ways to mine Bitcoin / Litecoin, which is the best way? What are the pros and cons of each, this and many more questions answered in the Ebook!

Networking / Cooling / Power

Building a Bitcoin Miner is just one step of the way, there are various other factors which are vital to the success of your mining operation. Know all the steps to creating a successful mining operation!

Software / Mining Pools / Managing

Once you got your miners setup in a good environment, understand the best way to efficiently manage your miners, and what software and mining pools to use.

Messages from readers

John Palmer, Austin Texas

John Palmer, Austin Texas

"All I've heard from my friends for the past few weeks is, dude you gotta get into bitcoin! I'm not that tech savvy but I did major in Economics and Finance, so I got that part down, but I didn't quite understand the whole process of mining bitcoin. After about just 10 minutes of reading, Eric really explained in simple terms what Bitcoin mining really is, making much more sense now.. Also it helped me understand the support system backing bitcoin which is always where I doubted it. Good work!"

Charles Mulder , London UK

Charles Mulder , London UK

"I was really impressed with the extensive amount of detail in this ebook. I have started mining for bitcoins a few months back, and though I knew most of what there was to know, apparently not! A lot of good insight, and all from real experience, thanks for taking the time to write this!"

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

"I am so glad someone took all of this information which is scattered all over the internet, and organized it into an easy to read and follow guide and ebook. Well worth the money, this is the future of currency, really exciting!"

About the author


A little about me…

Hi, my name is Eric Zhivalyuk. I am an entrepreneur, professional web developer / designer, and tech investor. I am the CEO of Artician, LLC. (; Artician Studios, LLC. (; Strip Sync (; LLC LabPeer, LLC. (, Learn more about my skills and experience at

Why I wrote & organized this E-book

I got started with Bitcoin mining and Investing back in May 2011. Bitcoin has come a long way since then, and the reason you likely found this website is because it has now taken the world by storm. There are a lot of resources out there, but not enough to really put the whole process and learning curve in one sit-down read. This ebook took me quite a few months to organize, and I put a lot of hard work and time into it. When I delved into bitcoin mining there were no guides, I truly hope this contribution to new and existing bitcoin / litecoin mining enthusiasts will shed a lot of light and educational resources to help people begin their journey. 🙂


If you are interested in helping support this cause, as I continue to update and revise the Bitcoin Mining Pro Ebook to reflect new technology, software, and market analysis; Please use the Donate Options Below. All donations are very much appreciated and will go directly to funding the perpetuation of Bitcoin / Litecoin / Virtual Currency education!

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