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In the last 26 months I have earned over $650,000 investing in, and mining Bitcoin & Litecoin... In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about CPU / GPU Bitcoin Mining. This extensive & easy to follow e-book will give you all the details based on experience that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

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DAC Sun Limited Launches first official Bitshares X Chain for Distributed “Trading” of Commodities and Stocks.

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Bitcoins Affected by New York’s BitLicense May Trade at Discount

With New York’s BitLicense scheme officially three months away, sophisticated traders are already devising strategies to profit from the potent


This is the feature article for Issue 20. Explaining Bitcoin to a luddite is like explaining the plot of an action-drama movie. Failing exchanges!

Dogecoin Core Development Interview

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Cypherpunk Comic ‘Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’ to launch Crowdfund on SWARM platform

Alex Preukschat, Josep Busquet and José Ángel Ares García, the trio behind ‘The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’, the new Bitcoin Comic which prev

Abstractly Represented Money: Introducing Metamoney

Part of this article appears in Issue 20 In his pocket, Joe has an old leather wallet. It contains enough banknotes to buy him a brand new wallet of

Abstractly Represented Money: Introducing Metamoney

Part of this article appears in Issue 20 In his pocket, Joe has an old leather wallet. It contains enough banknotes to buy him a brand new wallet of

Steve Stockman: New York’s Bitcoin Regulation Could Crush the Industry July 29, 2014

For Steve Stockman, US Representative for the 36th Congressional District of Texas, bitcoin presents an opportunity to provide much-needed fuel to a

ZipZap Raises $1.1 Million to Grow Global Bitcoin Payments Network

California-based global transaction network ZipZap has announced $1.1m in new funding that will be used in part to fund the expansion of the company&

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Ancient Greek philosophers learned the importance of dreams: that dreams tied into our reality somehow, but notably that we must first dream of somet

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Alpha Technology Blames PayPal Dispute for ASIC Delivery Delay

Manchester-based mining outfit Alpha Technology has missed its July delivery target, stating that technical problems and a dispute with PayPal have

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Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange ANX has upgraded its iOS app with added functionality, after Apple recently relaxed its strict stance towar

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I hope to set a Bitcoin Magazine record for most succinct argument here, as my profession has an uncomfortable obsession with efficiency. I study eco

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Coinapult Launches LOCKS, Aiming to Eliminate Bitcoin Price Volatility

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New York-based bitcoin exchange services provider Atlas ATS has announced the launch of its latest international offering, Atlas ATS Europe. The pro

Moolah Acquires Troubled Altcoin Exchange MintPal

Moopay LTD, the digital currency service provider more commonly known as Moolah, has purchased MintPal, the altcoin exchange which recently suffered f

SWIFT Institute Offers €15,000 for Bitcoin Research Project

The SWIFT Institute has announced it is launching a new research programme on digital currencies, with a €15,000 grant on offer for the author of t

BTC China Upgrades Mobile App with New Trading Pairs, Live Charts

BTC China has upgraded its mobile app, saying it is the first Chinese exchange to allow users to trade in three trading pairs: BTC/CNY, LTC/CNY, and L

What you will learn

What is Bitcoin & Litecoin mining?

Learn and understand the details of the mining process, how it works, and why people do it.

Investment & Profit Making

For the financial geeks out there, we delve into how much you need or want to invest, the value of Bitcoin, Return on Investment and much more.

Hardware & Infrastucture

Even if you are a tech guy, and know how to build your own PC, we provide crucial information that you MUST know in order to create a profitable Bitcoin / Litecoin miner.

CPU / GPU / ASIC Mining

There are various different ways to mine Bitcoin / Litecoin, which is the best way? What are the pros and cons of each, this and many more questions answered in the Ebook!

Networking / Cooling / Power

Building a Bitcoin Miner is just one step of the way, there are various other factors which are vital to the success of your mining operation. Know all the steps to creating a successful mining operation!

Software / Mining Pools / Managing

Once you got your miners setup in a good environment, understand the best way to efficiently manage your miners, and what software and mining pools to use.

Messages from readers

John Palmer, Austin Texas

John Palmer, Austin Texas

"All I've heard from my friends for the past few weeks is, dude you gotta get into bitcoin! I'm not that tech savvy but I did major in Economics and Finance, so I got that part down, but I didn't quite understand the whole process of mining bitcoin. After about just 10 minutes of reading, Eric really explained in simple terms what Bitcoin mining really is, making much more sense now.. Also it helped me understand the support system backing bitcoin which is always where I doubted it. Good work!"

Charles Mulder , London UK

Charles Mulder , London UK

"I was really impressed with the extensive amount of detail in this ebook. I have started mining for bitcoins a few months back, and though I knew most of what there was to know, apparently not! A lot of good insight, and all from real experience, thanks for taking the time to write this!"

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

"I am so glad someone took all of this information which is scattered all over the internet, and organized it into an easy to read and follow guide and ebook. Well worth the money, this is the future of currency, really exciting!"

About the author


A little about me…

Hi, my name is Eric Zhivalyuk. I am an entrepreneur, professional web developer / designer, and tech investor. I am the CEO of Artician, LLC. (; Artician Studios, LLC. (; LabPeer, LLC. ( Learn more about my skills and experience at

Why I wrote & organized this E-book

I got started with Bitcoin mining and Investing back in May 2011. Bitcoin has come a long way since then, and the reason you likely found this website is because it has now taken the world by storm. There are a lot of resources out there, but not enough to really put the whole process and learning curve in one sit-down read. This ebook took me quite a few months to organize, and I put a lot of hard work and time into it. When I delved into bitcoin mining there were no guides, I truly hope this contribution to new and existing bitcoin / litecoin mining enthusiasts will shed a lot of light and educational resources to help people begin their journey. :)


If you are interested in helping support this cause, as I continue to update and revise the Bitcoin Mining Pro Ebook to reflect new technology, software, and market analysis; Please use the Donate Options Below. All donations are very much appreciated and will go directly to funding the perpetuation of Bitcoin / Litecoin / Virtual Currency education!

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