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In the last 26 months I have earned over $650,000 investing in, and mining Bitcoin & Litecoin... In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about CPU / GPU Bitcoin Mining. This extensive & easy to follow e-book will give you all the details based on experience that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

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Armory to Match 10 BTC in Donations to Hal Finney Bitcoin Fund September 2, 2014

Armory Technologies has extended its ongoing donation drive in honor of late bitcoin developer Hal Finney. Finney, a pioneer in the field of cryptogr

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In Ann Arbor, Michigan there is a plot of land called Arbor Hills Farm, an organic farm that leases land from bigger property called the Tilian Farm

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Hal Finney was declared legally dead on August 28, 2014. It was a sad loss for the bitcoin community and with respectfully bowed heads we mourn his p

Violate the Core Principles of Bitcoin at Your Own Peril

Forbes magazine ran an article on August 24, “Why There Should be a Bitcoin Central Bank.” If you want the short answer and want to skip the rest

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The online marketplace ecosystem is currently run by companies like Amazon and Ebay that each acquire respective fees for their service and process m

The Value Foundations of Bitcoin: Austrian Redux, part I

There have been a number of Bitcoin detractors. Most mainstream economists and intellectuals denounce the idea as either impossible or a hoax, or the


This is a guest post by Derek Watson. So, it turns out that Satoshi Nakamoto is not Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Andreas Antonopoulos, who was cha

MIT Bitcoin Project Names Final Winners of $15,000 App Contest

The final winners of the summer-long bitcoin app development contest at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been announced. The grand prize

Switzerland’s Largest University Tests ‘Touchless’ Bitcoin Payments Solution

Switzerland’s University of Zurich is integrating a student-made bitcoin payments solution into one of its cafeterias as part of a two-week tri

Huobi’s Fixed-Return Financial Product Sells Out in One Hour

Huobi has sold all available subscriptions to a new 60-day fixed-term financial product for bitcoin investors. The latest product from the Beijing-bas

New ‘Sound Wallet’ Stores Your Private Keys on Vinyl September 1, 2014

For digital currency users looking to secure their e-fortune, one project is offering a new way to store private keys: on vinyl. Sound Wallet promis

Antonopoulos Leaves Blockchain Security Role to Become Board Advisor

Popular bitcoin wallet and information services company Blockchain announced today that its Chief Security Officer, Andreas M Antonopoulos, is advanc

CRXzone Launches as Singapore’s First Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange

Singapore’s latest exchange, CRXzone, has become the first platform to offer both litecoin and bitcoin trading in the country. Like others in t

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Investors and venture capitalists have developed a healthy appetite for funding bitcoin exchange services in recent months. As the exchange system rep

The Short-Term View on Bitcoin Remittances

Luis Buenaventura is the head of product at Satoshi Citadel Industries, and “dreams of a world where everyone has access to everything”.  Satoshi

5 US States Poised to Promote Bitcoin-Friendly Regulation

  Given the recent critiques of New York and its proposed framework for bitcoin businesses, many of the law’s opponents are no doubt hopin

Community Honors Hal Finney with Bitcoin Fund for ALS Research August 30, 2014

In the wake of bitcoin groundbreaker Hal Finney’s passing a few days ago, some prominent figures in the bitcoin community have teamed up in a

Meet the British Crown Dependencies Vying To Become Bitcoin Island

Bitcoin entrepreneurs seeking a friendly jurisdiction for their business could do worse than end up on the Isle of Man, the picturesque British Crown

9 Companies That Should Really Start Accepting Bitcoin

There once was a time when owning bitcoin meant keeping it idle and unspent in your wallet of choice. Considering that bitcoin was designed to be tra

My Cryptolina Experience

As a young blogger in the Bitcoin world, my job consists of a lot of waiting. Waiting for that dude to email me back, waiting for my articles to be p

Charlie Shrem Hopes to Walk Free After Guilty Plea Deal

Bitcoin entrepreneur and former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem hopes to walk free after striking a deal to plead guilty to ‘unlicensed money tran

Gallery: Chamber of Digital Commerce Holds Bitcoin Education Day in DC August 29, 2014

The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) held Congressional Bitcoin Education Day today, a Washington, DC-based event aimed at fostering awareness of bi

Hal Finney on Bitcoin: In His Own Words

  Hal Finney was arguably one of the earliest bitcoin pioneers, having been the second person to receive bitcoin after Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Air Lituanica Shows Bitcoin’s Use in Travel is Taking Flight

Air Lituanica is now accepting bitcoin for flight tickets as part of its ongoing bid to embrace new and innovative methods of serving customers. With

Argentina’s OmbuShop Adds Bitcoin Payment Option for 2,000 Merchants

OmbuShop has announced a new partnership that will allow 2,000 merchants in Latin America to add bitcoin as a payment option for their online stores.

DigitalBTC Reports $4 Million Revenue in Preliminary Annual Results

DigitalBTC has released the first set of financial results for a publicly traded bitcoin company. The Australia-based bitcoin mining services provider

What you will learn

What is Bitcoin & Litecoin mining?

Learn and understand the details of the mining process, how it works, and why people do it.

Investment & Profit Making

For the financial geeks out there, we delve into how much you need or want to invest, the value of Bitcoin, Return on Investment and much more.

Hardware & Infrastucture

Even if you are a tech guy, and know how to build your own PC, we provide crucial information that you MUST know in order to create a profitable Bitcoin / Litecoin miner.

CPU / GPU / ASIC Mining

There are various different ways to mine Bitcoin / Litecoin, which is the best way? What are the pros and cons of each, this and many more questions answered in the Ebook!

Networking / Cooling / Power

Building a Bitcoin Miner is just one step of the way, there are various other factors which are vital to the success of your mining operation. Know all the steps to creating a successful mining operation!

Software / Mining Pools / Managing

Once you got your miners setup in a good environment, understand the best way to efficiently manage your miners, and what software and mining pools to use.

Messages from readers

John Palmer, Austin Texas

John Palmer, Austin Texas

"All I've heard from my friends for the past few weeks is, dude you gotta get into bitcoin! I'm not that tech savvy but I did major in Economics and Finance, so I got that part down, but I didn't quite understand the whole process of mining bitcoin. After about just 10 minutes of reading, Eric really explained in simple terms what Bitcoin mining really is, making much more sense now.. Also it helped me understand the support system backing bitcoin which is always where I doubted it. Good work!"

Charles Mulder , London UK

Charles Mulder , London UK

"I was really impressed with the extensive amount of detail in this ebook. I have started mining for bitcoins a few months back, and though I knew most of what there was to know, apparently not! A lot of good insight, and all from real experience, thanks for taking the time to write this!"

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

"I am so glad someone took all of this information which is scattered all over the internet, and organized it into an easy to read and follow guide and ebook. Well worth the money, this is the future of currency, really exciting!"

About the author


A little about me…

Hi, my name is Eric Zhivalyuk. I am an entrepreneur, professional web developer / designer, and tech investor. I am the CEO of Artician, LLC. (; Artician Studios, LLC. (; LabPeer, LLC. ( Learn more about my skills and experience at

Why I wrote & organized this E-book

I got started with Bitcoin mining and Investing back in May 2011. Bitcoin has come a long way since then, and the reason you likely found this website is because it has now taken the world by storm. There are a lot of resources out there, but not enough to really put the whole process and learning curve in one sit-down read. This ebook took me quite a few months to organize, and I put a lot of hard work and time into it. When I delved into bitcoin mining there were no guides, I truly hope this contribution to new and existing bitcoin / litecoin mining enthusiasts will shed a lot of light and educational resources to help people begin their journey. :)


If you are interested in helping support this cause, as I continue to update and revise the Bitcoin Mining Pro Ebook to reflect new technology, software, and market analysis; Please use the Donate Options Below. All donations are very much appreciated and will go directly to funding the perpetuation of Bitcoin / Litecoin / Virtual Currency education!

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