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In the last 26 months I have earned over $650,000 investing in, and mining Bitcoin & Litecoin... In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about CPU / GPU Bitcoin Mining. This extensive & easy to follow e-book will give you all the details based on experience that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

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Payments Vets Join Brazilian Blockchain Startup September 4, 2015

Brazil-based bitcoin startup Rippex has announced the former founders of digital payments gateway PagSeguro have joined its team.

Research: Ashley Madison Bitcoin Blackmail is Cheap and Profitable

A cybersecurity firm has released the results of a blockchain analysis into blackmail attempts against online infidelity website Ashley Madison.

UBS to Develop Yet Another ‘Permissioned Blockchain’ for Banks

In April, Bitcoin Magazine reported that UBS was planning to investigate blockchain technology in a new innovation lab based in London. The innovati

US Marshals: Final Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Likely for 2015

The US Marshals Service (USMS) has revealed it will announce the date on which it will auction off remaining Silk Road bitcoins in 2015.

Bitcoin Spam Tests ‘Could Violate UK Law’

The bitcoin stress tests planned by CoinWallet could breach UK law, a legal professional has suggested.

Bitcoin Wallet Provider Blockchain Currently Offline

Blockchain, the operator of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service, is currently offline.

Timeline: What Central Banks Have Said About Bitcoin in 2015

Who’s said what about bitcoin and when? Check out our interactive timeline below for a refresher on the stance of central banks this year.

Hollywood Agency Shopping Rights to Mt Gox Movie September 3, 2015

The story of the rise and fall of bitcoin exchange Mt Gox and its CEO, Mark Karpeles, could find its way to the silver screen.

Connecticut Non-Profit Uses Blockchain for Government Project

The Connecticut Technology Council has partnered with blockchain startup Tierion for a trial that finds it using the technology for recordkeeping.

UBS Sheds New Light on Blockchain Experimentation

Researchers at the London innovation lab of Swiss banking giant UBS are developing a new blockchain implementation for transaction settlement.

Bitcoin Network Stress Test Could Occur Next Week

The controversial group behind several bitcoin ‘stress tests’ has confirmed next week it will push ahead with its biggest so far.

GameCredits to Integrate Digital Currencies in TurboCharged Racing and Other Video Games

GameCredits, a cryptographic payments platform for gamers and game developers is set to integrate digital currencies including its own altcoin called

itBit Hires Former NYDFS General Counsel Daniel Alter, Pushes Ahead with Bankchain Project

In April, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Bitcoin exchange itBit had filed for a banking license in New York. Later in May, itBit was granted a trust

CoinWallet Begins Pre-test of Bitcoin Network, Schedules Largest Stress Test to Begin on September 10

The Bitcoin network took a hit yesterday as CoinWallet ran its “stress pre-test” for about thirty minutes resulting in a “2-day delay and a 50

Election Hopeful Wants Canada to Recognise Bitcoin as Currency

A candidate running in Canada’s upcoming federal election says he wants to give bitcoin an equal footing with the dollar.

Timeline: An Overview of Bitcoin in India

An interactive timeline providing a detailed history of bitcoin-related events in India to date.

Bitcoin Exchange itBit Hires NYDFS Lawyer for Compliance Role September 2, 2015

ItBit has hired former NYDFS general counsel Daniel “Danny” Alter as its general counsel and chief compliance officer.

Proposed California Bitcoin Bill Adds New Reporting Requirements

The California Senate Appropriations Committee has voted 6-1 to advance a bill that would create a licensing regime for bitcoin companies.

Paymium Raises €1 Million to Boost Bitcoin Merchant Onboarding

Bitcoin payments services startup Paymium has raised €1m in new seed funding from investors including Newfund and Kima Ventures.

Blythe Masters and Wall Street Opt for ‘Permissioned’ Non-Bitcoin Blockchains

Major banks and mainstream financial institutions are warming up to the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin, and launching internal experiments

Coinbase Expands to Canada and Singapore to ‘Spur Mainstream Bitcoin Adoption’

Leading bitcoin exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has expanded its services to Canada and Singapore as a part of its project to expand their serv

Coinbase Expands to Asia With Singapore Market Launch

Bitcoin services firm Coinbase has expanded to Singapore, a move that marks the $106m startup’s introduction to the Asian market.

BitFury Completes 16NM Bitcoin Mining ASIC Tape-Out

BitFury has announced it has completed the tape-out for its 16NM ASIC bitcoin mining chips.

LocalBitcoins Back Online Following ‘Hardware Failure’

Global bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins is operating again following over six hours of downtime it attributed to a “hardware failure”. T

UK Government Exploring Use of Blockchain Recordkeeping September 1, 2015

The UK government is exploring the use of blockchain technology in improving the transparency and accuracy of its record keeping.

Bitcoin Developers Pen Open Letter on Network Scalability

More than 30 bitcoin developers and contributors have signed a letter that discusses how the project aims to achieve consensus for scalability.

An Open Letter to the Bitcoin Community from the Developers

Editor’s Note: This is a letter to the community written and signed by many of the Bitcoin developers, including the most prolific contributors

Volume of Bitcoin Trades Continues Surge in Brazil

Volume of bitcoin trades in Brazil increased rapidly in Brazil since May. Over the last few months, the volume of all bitcoin trades have risen from

PayPal Announces Launch of PayPal.Me Peer-to-peer Payments Similar to Square Cash or Bitcoin Wallets

Receiving money from a friend, client or anyone else on PayPal just got a little bit easier. Today, the company announced the launch of PayPal.Me, a

Preliminary, Simplified Implementation of Bitcoin Lightning Network Released

Lightning networks are considered a promising innovation in the Bitcoin space, which would make the Bitcoin system much more scalable and able to pro

What you will learn

What is Bitcoin & Litecoin mining?

Learn and understand the details of the mining process, how it works, and why people do it.

Investment & Profit Making

For the financial geeks out there, we delve into how much you need or want to invest, the value of Bitcoin, Return on Investment and much more.

Hardware & Infrastucture

Even if you are a tech guy, and know how to build your own PC, we provide crucial information that you MUST know in order to create a profitable Bitcoin / Litecoin miner.

CPU / GPU / ASIC Mining

There are various different ways to mine Bitcoin / Litecoin, which is the best way? What are the pros and cons of each, this and many more questions answered in the Ebook!

Networking / Cooling / Power

Building a Bitcoin Miner is just one step of the way, there are various other factors which are vital to the success of your mining operation. Know all the steps to creating a successful mining operation!

Software / Mining Pools / Managing

Once you got your miners setup in a good environment, understand the best way to efficiently manage your miners, and what software and mining pools to use.

Messages from readers

John Palmer, Austin Texas

John Palmer, Austin Texas

"All I've heard from my friends for the past few weeks is, dude you gotta get into bitcoin! I'm not that tech savvy but I did major in Economics and Finance, so I got that part down, but I didn't quite understand the whole process of mining bitcoin. After about just 10 minutes of reading, Eric really explained in simple terms what Bitcoin mining really is, making much more sense now.. Also it helped me understand the support system backing bitcoin which is always where I doubted it. Good work!"

Charles Mulder , London UK

Charles Mulder , London UK

"I was really impressed with the extensive amount of detail in this ebook. I have started mining for bitcoins a few months back, and though I knew most of what there was to know, apparently not! A lot of good insight, and all from real experience, thanks for taking the time to write this!"

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

Chris Peters, Los Angeles CA

"I am so glad someone took all of this information which is scattered all over the internet, and organized it into an easy to read and follow guide and ebook. Well worth the money, this is the future of currency, really exciting!"

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A little about me…

Hi, my name is Eric Zhivalyuk. I am an entrepreneur, professional web developer / designer, and tech investor. I am the CEO of Artician, LLC. (; Artician Studios, LLC. (; LabPeer, LLC. ( Learn more about my skills and experience at

Why I wrote & organized this E-book

I got started with Bitcoin mining and Investing back in May 2011. Bitcoin has come a long way since then, and the reason you likely found this website is because it has now taken the world by storm. There are a lot of resources out there, but not enough to really put the whole process and learning curve in one sit-down read. This ebook took me quite a few months to organize, and I put a lot of hard work and time into it. When I delved into bitcoin mining there were no guides, I truly hope this contribution to new and existing bitcoin / litecoin mining enthusiasts will shed a lot of light and educational resources to help people begin their journey. :)


If you are interested in helping support this cause, as I continue to update and revise the Bitcoin Mining Pro Ebook to reflect new technology, software, and market analysis; Please use the Donate Options Below. All donations are very much appreciated and will go directly to funding the perpetuation of Bitcoin / Litecoin / Virtual Currency education!

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